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Cricket Games

Cricket is a big deal in India where it’s not just a game but an emotion. From Team India’s victories to their struggles, it leaves a deep impact on the hearts of millions of cricket lovers across the subcontinent. So it’s no surprise that virtual cricket games have exploded in popularity, with more and more Indians flexing their cricket skills on their phones. Gone are the days of just chatting about cricket at chai tapris and family get-togethers. Now, fans of the game can put their cricket knowledge to test in real-time online matches and see how their strategies hold up.

It was not long before that online games involving real money such as rummy and fantasy sports jumped on the bandwagon infusing the vertical with its gambling mechanisms. But Real Money Games (RMG) are not without their controversies. There are concerns about the impact of RMGs on younger players, who may be more susceptible to gambling addiction. The impact of gambling on younger children is particularly concerning. Children and young people are vulnerable to the dangers of gambling and can easily become addicted, leading to a range of negative consequences such as financial problems, academic & social issues, and mental health problems.

You Won't to Play Cricket--

Basket Ball

Every March, basketball madness infiltrates offices, bars, restaurants, and even a cable-channel wedding dress show.

That doesn’t mean people are interested in every slam dunk, 3-point shot, or flagrant foul in the 63 games being played over a few weeks. Some of the millions who pay attention to the annual tournament are more interested in being part of the watercooler conversations, betting pools, viewing parties, and other general excitement around the games.

CMI is jumping on the bandwagon. Though my bracket may have busted (thanks UMBC, No. 16 seed, for making NCAA history by beating No. 1 seed Virginia), I offer six basketball-tournament inspirations for your content marketing strategy.